+92 21 34834030 info@bridgenbuyer.com
+92 21 34834030 info@bridgenbuyer.com

Services We Provide

Our Services:

Our services are provided under the superior guidance of our able professionals to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction in the field of the plastic packaging industry.

Our services are known for the features like:

  • Reliability
  • Timely execution
  • Cost competitiveness.

Our Product Range:

Healthcare companies have unique requirements for packaging which can keep the chemical composition of the products intact and do not contaminate the products.

We provide persistent and consumer-focused packaging from foil for blister packs to pharmaceutical containers for the casing to bottles. Jars and syringes, ampoules, vial trays, plastic cap, spoons and droppers for oral, topical and nasal delivery systems, which provide tight control of output, spray pattern and particle size.

Quality Assurance:

The quality of our products and our eagerness for distinguishing is the main aspect of our success and existence. The quality is highly qualified and trained. The company provides them with all kind of knowledge related to the quality management. The quality department focuses on a very important aim that is to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations.

We can achieve that through our commitment to the quality standards and assure the quality and the safety of our products before delivery.

We believe the inspection of the raw materials by the most modern methods and instruments before the process is the main aspect to maintain the desired quality of our products.